Be quiet and drive (far away)

Yesterday my good friend Davy surprised me with tickets to a Deftones concert for my berfday. I have to say it was a blast and then some. They put on a righteous show and we were right up front, close enough to have sweat spewed on us from above and see the swell Casio Database that Mr. Moreno sported on his wrist.

So God bless you all
For the song you saved us
For the hearts you break, everytime you moan
And God bless you all on the earth.

The other exciting news is that I'm heading off to South Carolina for Thanksgiving with the relatives. It's gonna be a long drive squashed in our car with Justin, Rossi, Anita and Mustard but I'm sure worth it to see all my cousins and bestest friendses. So Happy Holidays to you. I'm sure I'll have tasty treatses for you when I returnses.


BarbarianDave said...

I had a blast too! Godspeed on your journey! Just try to avoid stopping at lights or stop signs.
Happy Birthday!........once agian. ( I guess I'm the first to post it, shame on all your other so called friends.);)

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz, Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great time! Im praying for you. I LOVE YOU!! --Renae

lynC said...

Happy Berfday!

Ruthie said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a swell time in SC. Give Nina, Jo, and Heather hugs for me. heh. Love you.

LoxyFady said...

Happy Birthday!!! (And safe travles!)

florecita said...

Being that I want to follow in your footsteps and go to concerts immediately after birthing my child, I must ask the following: did the daddy-figure stay with mr. mustard? That would rock.

Liz said...

the daddy-figure WOULD have but he had to work, the swelfer from "caffein and Me" graciously did. Thanks again, Heidi. And as a side note, I totally saw a pregnant lady there..

NIKITA said...

liz where can i reach you?i wanted to call you on your birthday but i don't have your SC number. i love you so much, i'll wish you a happy belated when i call xxx