sweet nectar of the gods.

Picked up a CD at the library entitled: Music for Learning! It boasts a variety of everyday soothing noises such as traffic, exotic bird calls, deep gutteral blurps, and baroque inspired arrangements by artists like Bach, Vivaldi and Corelli. The intent being to smarten up your pants, and in so becoming, a Smartypants.
Just this morning as I slid into my favorite trousers they began chiding me in an obscure Mayan dialect, "Wee wee op su nae." Just as it means nothing to you, it meant nothing to me. So I ignored their warnings. (Translation: Doom approaches wearing soft green deerskin thongs.)

Other than that, my nine month fast is over. I can partake of the alcohol again! The upside of having a bartender as a boyfriend is they can make you some mucho fantastico drinks. So the other night was Margaritas..

I think it undid all the effects of my Learning CD and my pants dumbed down and went back to speaking their native jive.

Thankfully, tequila is a universal language.


LoxyFady said...

Margarrrrrrita. (You big fat tease.)

Liz said...

la bamba!