France: 1 Brazil: 0
and I dance a little jig.


Anonymous said...

and le scof le scof for the poor brazil

BarbarianDave said...

Hellz Yeah!

Ruthie said...

Yay! *sings* The witch is dead. Finally!

It would be cool if Germany plays France in the final. Then I would have been correct in my predictions. I also happen to know nothing about soccer, which makes my predictions even better.

MarieClay said...

Bahh, fools!!!!

a german said...

Some people thought it was a given that Brazil was going to win and they were sooooo proud about it, which makes me very, very happy that they lost.

Nashville said...

I danced my ass off when Argentina got whooped. Brazil too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lizzy,
(To be said with cotton balls stuffed in cheeks)
"I hope your first child, is a man child"
I'll see you in september!
P.S. What's that sexy David Paone up to these days?

-The KGB-