Vivo per lei

I live for her, you know,
since the first time I met her.
I do not remember how,
but she entered within me and stayed there.

I live for her because she
makes my soul vibrate so strongly.

I live for her and it is not a burden.
I live for her too, you know,
and don’t be jealous:
she belongs to all those who
have a need that is always switched on
like a stereo in the bedroom,
to someone who is alone and now knows
that she is also for him;
for this reason
I live for her.

She is a muse who invites us to brush her with the fingers.
Through a piano
death remains far away;
I live for her.
I live for her who often knows how to be sweet and sensual;

sometimes she stuns you but it is a blow that never hurts.

I live for her.
I know she makes me travel from town to town and suffer a little,
but at least I live.
It is painful when she leaves.

I live in hotels for her.
It grows with supreme pleasure.
I live for her in the vortex.
Through my voice it expands and produces love.

I live for her,
I have nothing else,
and how many others I shall meet who, like me, have written on their faces
"I live for her."
I live for her on a dais or against a wall

I live for her to the limit.…also in a harsh tomorrow.
I live for her to the very edge.
Every day a conquest;
the protagonist will always be her.

I live for her because now
I have no other way out,
because, you know, music is something I have truly never betrayed.

I live for her because she gives me rests and notes with freedom.
If there were another life I’d live it,
I’d live it for her.

I live for her, music.
I live for her.
I live for her, she is unique.
I live for her.


lynC said...

Well said.

A musician's creed.

Florence said...

is this...
originally in italian?
if it is, it's one of songs i never had any clue as to what the meaning was, but sing all the time around the house. god knows if i'm even making sense.

and if it isn't...i still say "amen".

Liz said...

yea. it's in italian/french by andrea bocelli...and some chick
a good thing to belt around the house.
amen amen

Solo said...

That "chick" is Laura Pausini...one of my favorite Italian artists.

BEURIBEK said...

Helene Segara would be the beautiful french voice...

Florence said...

yay. then now i have the translation!
can't get enough of good ol' andrea.

Turtle Rider said...

sigh...you've heard 'si volto' right?