For the wheat

man oh man.
I thought I'd never get back. As soon as those last fateful words left my lips I was smitten with The Ebola Virus which threatened my very life.

I exaggerate.

But my trusty Honda (almighty car of cars) was taken from me and left me, sick as I was, to drag my weary feet a whole 2 miles to the library and back.
In the unforgiving Texas sun. My parched lips and blistering forehead could not survive another journey I surmised, so I played it safe -- sat in my room, in the shade, and contemplated my next move.

Easter dashed in and I reveled in the resurrection of our risen Lord.

My car returned to me and so I'm taking it for a little vacation to San Antonio so it can visit with it's car friends.
(My dad's visiting from his far flung mission field so I want to see him too)

Pity the innocents.


lynC said...

Yet again,


clare said...

i miss you.

BarbarianDave said...