Send this to 10 people AT ONCE or DIE of painful disembowlment

Is it just me or does this tagging thing seem suspiciously like chain mail?? CRAZY!
Although, I'm glad it was Jer that tagged me because, as you all know, I'm his biggest fan or vice versa;)

But the buck stops here:

1. The ability to tell a joke.
2. The ability to take a joke (maybe even do some jumping jacks with it).
3. A mad tomcat in the sack.
4. Smells like sweet, sweet roses.
5. Is ticklish.
6. Does not have a barking laugh.
7. A hairy chest.
8. Sex. Good. Me. Bad. (did I already cover that?)

I'm plumb tuckered out from all that mental scrumaging and who really knows anyways? Next week I might take a sudden fancy to a pot-bellied black midget with a tongue piercing. Run away with me, baby! Yeeah!

p.s. Lovin you, brutha.


lynC said...

Darn good thing you stopped this thing here.

Darn chain mail.

I dunno about that "I'm-Jer's-biggest-fan" thing. When you take me into consideration, it's debatable.

Florence said...

hahahaha...i like you.

ZERO said...

I guess I'll have to let my chest hair gro out from now on.... And how do you feel about men with hairy ears?

lynC said...


A gathering of Liz's fans.

And because I refuse to be outdone by Florence...

Liz, I like you. Mucho mucho.

Liz said...

i LOOOVe hairy ears. it tickles my cheek.