Tony's T-Brush

I'm sure you all have one special object of personal hygiene that really does it for you. And I mean Really does it.

For Tony, it's his tonguing techniques.

Tony recently bought THE most superb toothbrush. Not only does it brush your teeth, but it ALSO brushes your Tongue!! Simply slip around the head and you will experience the ultimate in tongu-topia! Hunch over your screen! Look closely and be wowed.

Tony's nostril is nice too.

(This ad brought to you by REACH. "For Tongue-steckacalicious Tonguing a' rockodile" )


T-Bag Terry the Terrible Tortellini said...

My, what fine teeth you have! Bad wolf.

Hobbyns said...

I can see all the way to his brain there.

BarbarianDave said...

Tony should try using the brush....with toothpaste. It's all the rage these days. And from of friend of good repute, I hear the ladies love it.