Run, darling.

I had something to think about.

Make that an even Six.

So I ran.

I got as far as the Highschool track. The gravel crunched nicely as I lapped around. One, two, three, a fourth and the pulse in my wrists and on the inside of my knees was visible.

I race my mind, but it beats me every time.

The circles are stifling so I take off.
Nowhere in particular, maybe the ocean, maybe a rooftop, maybe I'll create my own landscape. It doesn't matter now.

My heartbeat, a fist, battering down the walls of my head. In a warm, friendly way.
"Hi, how are you?"
"Fine, thanks. And yourself?"

That's not really what I wanted to say.

'This is where the world drops off' says the sign.
I wanted to see what was underneath so I shimmied on down.

The rest is between me and the pavement..

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