I've changed, I swear.


I'm not satisfied but it's gonna work for now. I'm just so sickened of seeing the same old chintzy blogger template.

Andrew Forsberg just got in today to lay the drum tracks for "The Prophet". We play like our lives depend on it
live truly like the world's gonna give it one last ditch attempt and then belch up the rejects.

Amen for rejects.
Amen for the lot of us.
In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Why do we coddle ourselves? Is it easier in the long run?
Do we truly belive ourselves?
What liars and posers we unintentionally become

and the saddest thing is that we can talk ourselves out of that one too...
just like all the rest.

Amen to those that make their own path, regardless of popular consensus.


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Do we really make our own paths?

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good post
kinda what I needed