I am riched and increased in goods.

A very huge thank you to my dear Aunt Isabel in Frenchland and my Papa dearest for helping me get this nifty laptop, a Compaq Presario V2424NR.
It's one of the sexiest pieces of battery operated machinery I own (excepting that electric toothbrush I keep under my bed, ahem)

I anticipate many quality hours spent together, sharing secrets, tasty treats, and warm feelings.

I will never be lonely again.

Juuuuust KIDDING!
HA! Boy, did that ever sound depressed and loserish! I gotta be straight with you -- those two words are NOT in my vocabulary...yup, I actually had to google antonyms to Happy and Winner -- on my laptop!
What a good wittle waptop! Who's the best wittle waptopth in the world? Who is?? You are! yes you ARE!! (smooshy squooshy)

I've sufficiently sickened myself.
I am ashamed.


BarbarianDave said...

With this new technology you will be.........practically unstopable. At least till someone accidentally steps on it. Oh the joys of owning a laptop. I however don't have the finger dexterity or the patience to learn to use the cursed laptop mouse.

Liz said...

heh. i have bad luck with them. the last one took a beer shower and was never seen or heard from again..