Holy smokes, have a good one!!

Dear Heidi,
I remember when you were just a small fry.

Heh heh. No I'm only kidding. But I DO remember painting our body parts onto the walls of our room. Listening to that Clare character rambling on and on about that Mexican boy. (haha, love you Clare)

That time I dedicated "Yellow" to you on the radio? or we both put in lost-friend ads. That was pretty retarded.

Hitchhiking down to Florida from the top of Georgia to catch a flight when our car broke down. Crazy good story to tell the kiddos.

Then there was that time you got married. That's a good one too. It was pretty swell. Our little baby all grown up and running off with some boy.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm just dawdling around to get to the real point. You're a great friend!
Wish you were closer.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you Perty Thang, you!


Charlock said...

Shes so fine. I wish she were mine! ..er my friend that is. tee hee!

ps. Jamie, you're a nerd. =p love you both!

Sparticus said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!

Heidi said...

...err....I posted that on the wrong side..err. =) I guess I'll copy it down here.

Heidi said...

Aww, thanks!
Those days seem like ages ago. It sure was great fun though.
....but you forgot one last thing.... "muscular tonality".
It makes me laugh to think of poor Punjab and his father waking up to that in the dark. It probably scarred them for life :P

Liz said...

HAHAHAH!!! I Did forget. And bushwacking Matt...
I've got some classy stuff on tape, we should see it sometime.

Clare said...

Yes, Happy Birhtday Heidi!!! Those were some funny days back at the Hill. Miss you!