Beach Smeach

Took the day off and went to Padre Island.
It was a fine day.

The wind blew 50 miles an hour from the north and if you happened to be standing where there was loose sand to be had (we were) it hit your lower legs at that precise magnitude and stung the crap out of your calves.

Keeping our positive side predominante we hastened to the nearest Circle K and bestowed upon ourselves the gift of beer. Thank you Jesus for Beer.

Had ourselves a little praise time on the Beach.

After about an hour, we were feeling pretty Pumped on the Most High and in turning back to go home were completely Inspired to get pierced.
Stopped into a surf/piercing joint and started grilling the hapless Iranians about prices and locations etc. Complete con artists.

We ended up having to pee too bad to stick around and by the time we got back the Inspiration had left us. Besides, I couldn't think about what I should do it on. What's good?

A happy surprise waited at home in the form of Marky, Niki and Tony.
Golly bob howdy, but we're gonna rock out with our c**ks out.

Thank you God.


Sparti said...

Party on.

Charlock said...

Crazy I say! Plum crazy! Only thing truely insane was that u let the inspiration die. damn it all to hell!

Liz said...

I know!! i kick myself involuntarily every time I think about it...but again, WHAT the heck should I pierce? Ideas, Ideas people.

BarbarianDave said...

Well, the usuals just aren't edgie enough these days. Aside from tonsil or sphincter piercing, to be truly hardcore or extreme, I see no other option than the Body Graft*. This process involves grafting of animal or plant parts to ones body.
Tired of constantly falling out of trees? ....Well you might be interested in grafting a spider monkey's tail.
Tired of not having enough star fruit to eat? ...Well then try grafting a delicious star fruit tree to your shoulder and always have a great snack handy.
*(Body Graft was developed in partnership with NASA. the Body Graft process was not tested on or dose not require the use of Iranians.)

Charlock said...

I know a girl that has a post through the skin at the back of her neck. Hard to describe, but actualy pretty cool looking.

Liz said...

haha. funny dave.
yea, I thot of putting screws, end-up into my head so I could switch off with different screw-on decorations.
could be brilliant

BarbarianDave said...

You could implant a small electronic bill board onto your forehead that is powered off the static electricity generated by your body. You then could sell adds by the minute, and thus kill to birds with one stone. When questioned by your anti-establishment friends, you could simply tell them that you are doing it to make a mockery of the commercialist world we live in and therefore be killing three birds with one stone.