Small beginnings. greater ends?

My younger (not so little) brother has taken up photography after finding an ancient digital camera at a yard sale. It actually uses a floppy disk to save the files on. It's too sweet. (Sorry, you camera nerds, I can't tell you what it is but trust me, you're missing out)
The other morning he went around snapping random pictures of us about our breakfast and business. These are the result. I think he's got a good eye. Check it.

Little Johnny Trembleton
My best ideas come whilst brushing my teeth.
"Damn. She tasted better last night."


And such is our merry little christmas feeling.
Thanks for that, bro.


BarbarianDave said...

He does have a good eye. Now if someone will get him a better camera for Christmas...Oh yeah, and have someone with a lot of testosterone show him a few poses.

Liz said...

yea i know. you gotta love that grungy, grainy feel.

Anonymous said...

That should be a Sony Mavica. I had one and appreciated the unequaled zoom but found the 10 lbs of floppies I needed to lug around and empty for every hour shoting to be a bit troublesome.