Life with Mr and Mrs Systemite

Jamie and Heidi have graciously allowed me to stay with them for the week leading up to Christmas (You'll let me know if I can do anything for you in return?..Any Thing) and a funner (ha. it is too a word) bunch of people is hard to find.

I'm sitting here wishing I was a brilliant musician right about now. Cause there's some hefty emotion sloshing around in my chest and it's of the musical variety. Maybe I'll pick up the old Takemine and see if I get Channeled Through.

Benign, would describe the past couple weeks for me leading up to this past week when I was repayed for the time off by tripling the score.
I'm not nervous.
This is what I live for. X-treme sporting in its own spirit.
Rollercoasterings' got nothing on it.

I just went off and started up a stream of tempest but I'll save it for when it's in a less raw form. Polish up the edges a bit and commercialize it for the general public.

I feel me again.


LoxyFady said...

Ahh Mr. Systemite is just paying back the universe for all the times he crashed on other people's sofa's.

Heidi said...

You know you're always welcome!

"Funner" Hater said...

The word funner represents all that is Solace and Wrong.

Chad said...

I only hope that Mr. Systemite doesn't plan a fun after Christmas party. 'Cuz you won't be there.