I spy.

The obligatory Juvenile Detention Center programme went off without a hitch. Besides only having two microphones for 8 people.
We sang our little hearts out;
They clapped and cried, whooped and wiggled.

Look at all these happy volunteers. What mad hipsters, no?
I want you to look closely at the picture though. There's more to it than meets the eye.

Notice what Seth is demonstrating and the look on Haven's face. What does it say to you?

Then also there's this rogue, I like the look of love in his eyes and also the subtle heart he's shaping with his hands:

And last but not least,"WTF?"

Like I said, Mad Hipsters all.


florecita said...

ahaha the one and only buckle!

LoxyFady said...

haha...and you're face...which looks as thought it is saying "yes please" :P

Liz said...

i think i might be licking my lips..what's up with that? haha.

Michelle Lavigne said...

Awww...Martin's puffer cheeks. I miss those puffers. Loving you!

And Stephen looking studly as always.

SETHY LOVE! So cute!

Miss B said...

You caught my slightly amused face whilst thinking, "You'll need more than that for protection, Buddy."