I do NOT have multiple orgas...personalities, no really I don't.

Pyscho Boy - Low growly voice. Absolutely no relation to me whatsoever. Total pervert.

Nicole - "All dees cwuerves; fo me, fo fwee." Conflicted and self-centered. Is perpetually on the verge of sleep. Completely loveable.

(meg)Guido - En utero foetus. He grows and shrinks with subsequent meals. Understands me well. Convenient to talk to.

Gintin - Mute. Seems crafty but we have no way of knowing. Favorite game: Capture the Flag.

Liz - Vulnerable.


Amaranthine said...

Awww, to tweet!

Chad said...

Which is the one thats good at head?

Liz said...

that would be Darla. She only drops in on the weekends..