Mister President

Saw AirForce One flying overhead downtown the other day. I thought it was some kind of airshow with four planes flying in tow but some perceptive soul snapped me out of my expectations of seeing them do flips and dives.

For the rest of the day we switched off high fiving (for no apparent reason) and singing Mr. President.

It's popular nowadays to bash Bush, and for the reason that I think he's a puppet, I won't. But dang it, this post is a good opportunity to declare my undying revulsion for everything mainstream.

Mr. President please can I ask you just once
Why do you kill them for fun?
You grin at me and pull the trigger in my direction
While I plead, please give us our sons

Thou shalt not kill but I can still hear the sounds
Of Jezebel laughing in the background
You lived by the sword, now you’ll die by the sword
When God says make love not war
You spilled blood on the floor

-- Fool Moon


Anonymous said...

rock on fool moon, and rock on liz!!! that song is my new favorite, i can't stop listening to it (shhhh, the neighbours might hear)

BarbarianDave said...

God did say that? What a hippie! No wonder people associate God with Jerry Garica.

me said...

Hey...can't believe you posted the lyrics... nice! Completely made my night. We should talk again...

Anonymous said...

by the way its "spill" blood on the floor

Chad said...

Bush is a tool.

Charlock said...

Bush is a fool.

Anonymous said...

I guess thats why they say that somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot.

Sparti said...

By the way, punko, Its says 'spilled' on the website.

Liz said...

yeeeeah. so there.

I suppose there Are worse evils.
Like the Anti-Christ maybe..