all. saints.

Halloween and we wanted to rock.

I was feeling glum. A mood swing bopped me on the head and left me high and dry, stranded in a pool of dispirit. Maybe I was being attacked by a hinderer.

At around midnight, I start walking in the general direction of my bed having decided to give up the ghost, so to speak. When I see Tarug and The Magic Painter flying past in all their full glory. Fully..undressed. Tarug snug in a leopard flap and The Magic Painter resplendent in his red beret and colorful cape. I chuckled in spite of myself and sauntered outside after them, more of out of morbid curiousity.

It was there, gentle reader, that I met God.

Maybe not so much God as the Holy Trinity. I was tempted to fall to my face, kissing the hem of their garments and giving due homage.
That is until Jesus, sporting the Largest Afro I've ever seen, utters: "Dang! Where's my beard got to?"

Being so near to the Divinities naturally perked up my spirits and the evening went from bad to better. We partied so hard, Jesus lost his Afro, God broke out His inner rock star, the Holy Spirit declared that she was in fact a he and the Magic Painter and Tarug skipped up and down singing bawdy tunes.

The following day, I was promptly burnt at the stake for heresy. Now I am a spirit helper in my own right. Who knows, with my new Connections, I may even be promoted to mini-god? Yes?

Ya'll were da bomb.


Sparti said...

I should have gone....parties always need a Goat. I'm a good Goat.


BarbarianDave said...

You just may! although you musn't forget the mandatory sacrifices!(grapes and melons only serve to kindle my wrath)and don't forget ....I only help those who help themselves!

Heidi said...

You didn't mention what you were.....
You don't happen to have any pictures do you?

Liz said...

if you came as a goat, sparti, you can be CERTAIN we would have sacrificed you...I'm not one to kindle God's wrath.

I'm not sure what I was...and I think there was only one photo. it might be around here somewhere..

Sparti said...

Hmmm... if the sacrifice involves little pink ribbons and tequila rose I'm game.