An Open Letter,

Dear Mr. Blah:

There's an old tale told about a young girl who recieved a book. She skimmed through and at first take it was Pure Blah, so she slid it under her bed with her dirty socks, monsters and asthma medications.

Months later she met an engaging young man. Snazzy and intelligent as this man was she delighted in his company and soon got to discussing books. She discovered that this very dusty book in her possession was in fact, his brain child. What did that girl do?
I'll tell you, Mr. Blah. She rushed home and retrieved that book. Mangled as it was, she read the book from cover to cover till she had sated her lusts.

What made the difference between the first reading and the second reading, you ask?
Knowledge is power and nothing is more powerful for the gleaning of knowledge than human interaction.
Haha. That was a bunch of tripe, but this one thing Is True:

Esteemed author.....


Sincerely yours, Faire un Nom


ZERO said...

Which book would this be?
The one where I eat you or the one where you eat me?
We're a carnivorous family.

Liz said...

"The Gorging"...a captivating read. cover to cover indulgence.

ZERO said...

I like, I like.