Oh ferocious one,

My bestest bub, R.S. Maddock (aka, Scallywag) is writing a book! Yes indeedy!!

With her dry humor (essential for an expeditionist) and insightful wit, 'THE TRAVELLER’S GUIDE TO…PLANET EARTH', will surely become a nationwide bestseller and a must-have for every young wanderer (ie. yours truly)
Just check out this tasty snippet:
"*Now there are two ways to deal with the few weeks before flying day and they depend completely on two different factors; the first is that you have purchased the ticket alone and the second is that you have purchased it with/for/together/whatever a friend/companion/relative/someone you love/someone you hate/whoever.

Option #1: You’ve purchased the ticket alone and you, therefore, have yourself to depend on to entertain, exaggerate every aspect of the trip to come, obsess like an ass and talk other friend’s ears off about the entire trip—all this leading up to the day of departure. While these things may seem a little annoying, not least of all to the people around you, you will find it important and even necessary as time goes by--and the clock inevitably slows down--to continue life in this manner.

First things first: Obsessing! Go online and don’t just look at your ticket again, print it up in four different formats with duplicates (to give to friends who hate you now, of course). Once copies have been printed, buy a binder and put the pages in there so that you can flip through and in five different ways know what your flight numbers are, the names and histories of your airport and the airports you will be stopping at, plus (and this is just for fun now) the entire layout of the plane with your seat highlighted! Yes, you can get a printout of the plane’s layout. Not only does this obsessiveness help the time pass as you wait for D-day, but it also gives you some potentially useful information (see chapter __ re sitting next to someone you hate on a long flight). Don’t stop at the flight information or plane layout and blue prints, though. Just run wild with this. Get the goods on your flight crew and captain, send them all a little “in advance thank you” note, and while you’re at it, why not get a map of the airports you will be stopping at too. What the heck, toss in a map from your house to the airport, regardless of how easy it is to get there or the fact that you’ve been there a hundred times and you could hop there on one foot with your eyes closed through Friday afternoon traffic."

I'm already chuckling in antcipation...

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