i'm flattered to the point of exhaustion

I'm not sure yet, but I think I've just been called hot by LoxyFady.
Not to toot my own horn but that lady's got foxy tastes, haha.

I'm nervous though, how I might be misleading the world?

Must. Fix. Projected. Image.


LoxyFady said...

Haha. Too late.

chad said...

dude, with tits that big it's gonna be awfully hard to hide it

Florecita said...

Sometimes I get to thinking that you're one of those people that are too cool... you just make the rest of us look bad AND YOU MUST BE TERMINATED!

But then I calm down.

Liz said...

HAHAHAH. love you luchi! (psst..odd, I've felt the same way about you)

ta-ta said...

ha...now where have i heard this before?

you owe me one liz (or was it incredi-boy?) i'm never wrong about these things.

yea! your awesome....