I may get nervous.

I realize I'm sharing a roof with 3 other bloggers. I think it's wierd but hey,
I won't have to describe events anymore.

I'm been drifiting in the doldrums. Mentally, I've been sparking up the most stimulating and thought provoking ruminations, but it's in a very introverted phase for now. I get the feeling that it's for my own personal enhancement, not ready to come out yet and delight the world.

Then I've been working on my design in my free hours when all the house is asleep and not a mouse stirs. A design so beautiful and intellectually stunning it WILL knock your socks off and hopefully your pants and underclothes as well.

That said,

Hie you hence.


MissB said...

It is with great respect and trepidation that I tread upon the blogosphere. No matter what lackluster rants I share, your intellect, emotion (and beauty) will always inspire us all! Never let it stop!
P.S. Next time I'll let you tell about the Chinese food. You prolly would have told it better neways ;)

Liz said...

ha. you're too nice, Haven. It's pretty sweet living with a fellow scorpio...and a classy one to boot.
love, the laser-shooting-from-eyes robot girl.