So you're 16 huh?
I've been thinking hard today of how to sum up the 15 years I've known you into a block of words. Gosh durn it....(smacking mah gums together)I 'member when gas was eighteh-nahn cents a....nevermind.

As usual, whenever you pop into my head, my hand unconsciously wanders to that delicate white scar over my top lip and I can't help but smirk at all that it stands for:
You probably remember better than I The Argument.
No doubt, something inconsequencial yet of the utmost significance.
What clever kids we were/are/always will be. Muahaha.
Forever plotting; grandeur-filled plans of world domination through cloned Guinea Pig Revolts, reveling in our dry humor and shared interest in knowledge and adventure.

Come to think of it, it was probably dictatorial differences that started our conclusive battle.

You, the oldest boy - Me the oldest girl. There was bound to be a power struggle, though I remember when you were born there's wasn't a happier 7 year old on the block. You looked like a tiny, shrively, hair-covered mancoot. HEh, come to think of it...nothin's changed!

And then there was that card I gave you one birthday:

When I think of all our fun times together, I smile.
When I think of all the jokes we shared, I giggle.
When I think of all the pranks we played, I chuckle to myself.
When I think of all the times I blamed you for something I did, and got away with it...I laugh hilariously.

HAHA! That was the best! I think we decided today it was also the cause of our anger. That's also most likely why I threw a shoe at your head and you grabbed the nearest object, and hit me in the lip with a teaspoon. It swelled to the size of a golf ball and somewhere in between we forgave each other. And grew up.
Although I bet you still scheme to catch me saying something incriminating on a hidden tape-recorder. Too bad I'm still smarter than you. Muahahaha...again. (even though you've beat me a whole head in height -- cheater) and I'm still gonna hide all the cutlery.

Anyways, just saying, since I HAVE to be stuck with a younger brother, I'm sure glad I got stuck with you. I love you bruda.

To the atlas, son. Our Guinea Pig Army awaits!


anita said...

you should thank him. that scar is strangely becoming.

damn you. is there anything you can't do? don't answer.

Florence said...

Yo, yo, that's weird. One of mah best friends has a birthday in this same spot.