southern goodness.

My Uncle Robert is insane.
I'm not exaggerating in the slightest, the man is a little hitler gone wrong. It's terribly amusing if you can avoid being offended by his constant shouting, exeeding bluntness and overall inconsideration for his fellow man. I just smile and nod and listen while he rambles about religion, hunting, and queers.
In that order.

Then I thrust out my arm in a Nazi salute.

Today he got all us chilluns' out back doing manual labor on the farm. I rearranged the entire back yard. Burning piles, pitchforking, moving pallets, mowing, raking, lifing. There is ACTUALLY a bucket full of soaking boar skulls...for what?
I'm sunburned, exhausted, irritated and unfriendly feeling. I'm NEVER gonna understand Southerners. With their fake smiles and hypocrisy. The "ya'lls", the "gun dun gone's", their sentiments and ideas of jacked up trucks just bein' the raddest thing since grits were invented. All these things baffle me and I've tried, really I have, to understand, to get into their inner psyche and find out what makes their cornbread powered brains tick but it has really and truly escaped me.
So I give up.

On the upside, me and Justin Spirit did an accoustic set for a crowd of about 50 youngsters last night. Music talks where words are empty.
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.


Daniel Byron said...

ahhh at dear uncle Roberts again huh?
The music thing sounds cool though...good going

Heidi said...

Check your e-mail. I need to talk to you.

Nettie said...

At least he's amusing, right?

Dave said...

I've heard a lot about your crazy old Uncle Liz. I've even met him once although at the time he was probably saner than he is now.

anita said...

and here i always thought you were the odd one in the family. :))

Liz said...

heh. they come in all sorts.. it's all part of the experience.