you look so tired and happy.

I'm over my dread disease. A good friend, upon hearing I was sick, sent over a bottle of wine. Thanks man! I'm telling you. That'll cure whatever ails ya.

A year or so past, on a New Years, I was sick as a dog. 103 degree fever, sweating, sleeping, feeling miserable. Another good friend of mine pops over for a visit, bringing with her another good friend "Smirnoff Vodka". (Don't try this at home, kids.) While I'm closing my eyes, unsuspectingly, she sneaks in with her bottle and deposits a healthy sum in my bedside cup of cranberry juice.

I awake, thirsty like a camel in the Gobi, and chug the cup to the glass bottom. Only then does the spike hit me. Not to worry, all things work together for good. Within the hour, I was healed. Sure I was sweaty, wet and a little reeling but now I'm one of 'dem who'd recommend vodka when you're coming down with sumpin' suspicious.
ie. "Honey, you look a little pale -- have some vodka."
"That wart is just getting worse, better soak it in vodka."
"What is that!?? Hang on, let me get the vodka."

All in reason of course, but reason is as reason does.
But all that to say, I'm right as rain and back in force.


Heidi said...

I call this Liz's ghost. It's from the new years when you were sick.

Liz said...

AH! haha, yea that's the very same one. don't I look chipper? thanks heidi, you're the best!:D

Kristina said...

So the vodka really made you feel better???

Why am I finding this hard to believe?