tale of two animalitos

Scene: Boxes piled high, filled with every imaginable kind of game, toy, candy, coloring book and sundry knick knacks. Girls hovering around picking, choosing, sniffing, prying, fingering and sorting.

El Ratito/The Little Rat: On the hunt for chocolate, spies a blue square package. Always a good sign. Lunges and resurfaces with booty.
In true rat form, sniffs package suspiciously, discovering not chocolate but SOAP. Throws back in disgust and continues rummaging.

El Puerquito/The Little Piglet: On the hunt for...anything edible, spies a blue square package. Always a good sign. Reads on the wrapping "An Alaskan Tradition for 50 years"

"Whatever THAT means", it thinks dissmissively, ripping off blue packaging and stuffing suspected chocolate between it's hungry teeth.

"SPIT!! Waa...it's SOAP!!"

El Ratito smiles to itself, and feels cunning.


florecita rokera said...

Heh.. cute. Except "el ratito" means "the little moment". A little rat would be "la ratita".
I'm such a nazi. Sorry...

Liz said...

lol. you're absolutely right, but La Ratita just doesn't have that ring to it. I figured the gringos wouldn't know the difference...oh wait, what am i talking about..hehe

anita said...

yeah, if we're gringos what does that make you? :D

Heraldo said...

Hail gringos everywhere.
I have just recently been informed that the "H" in "hola" is silen-(cio) They say that spanish comes naturally. About as naturally as septuplets on feburary 29th. Don't worry about a thing liz, your esthpaniol is coming along mighty fine.
Your Little Gingolito.

P.S. Don't write or call. Click.

Liz said...

you mock me, Gingolito. why your spanish so good? you give class, yes? how you say "turd" wit no beforehand experience?
por siempre,
your little ratito

Snoogie said...

Boy, do I ever miss you sis. Take a peek at my blog sometime. Haha, just kidding. I don't have one. Maybe I should get one, maybe not. Hepa.
Yours foreva,
Lil' Gringolito.