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What I like is the moments Right after a sunset. Sure, the pinks and purples and oranges are swell and eyecatching but the real treat is looking for the aftershades. Blue-grey, purple-grey, grey-grey. Anyone can make a gorgeous painting from bright colors but
I think it takes skill to blend greys.
I think it describes a good comedown.

So yesterday, I climbed up to the roof of the band room house. It's pretty much the best spot in the whole property I guess because it's quiet and you can watch everyone and everything and no one sees you. Just you, sitting up there, watching, legs hanging down and chilling.

The second best thing about that spot is that no one misses you. Some places you go, you're always missed. Like if you're in the bathroom, or slacking off in one of the rooms.
On the roof, suddenly, you become useless. In a good way.

That's what I do when I need to think and I hadn't had a good think in many days. So I grabbed some beer and my notebook (in case something clever popped into my head) and sat there and looked up at the greys and greygreens. It's so quiet you can hear the leaves pulsing sap through their veins. A lot of clever thoughts came to me. In fact, I'd venture to say I had an epiphany. I wrote it down and then slipped back unnoticed into the house.

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Other said...

I'll tell you how the Sun rose -

A Ribbon at a time -

The steeples swam in Amethyst -

The news, like Squirrels, ran -

The Hills untied their Bonnets -

The Boblinks - begun -

Then I said softly to myself -

"That must have been the Sun"!

But how he set - I know not -

There seemed a purple stile

That little yellow boys and girls

Were climbing all the while -

Till when they reached the other side,

A Dominie in Gray -

Put gently up the evening Bars -

And led the flock Away -

--Emily Dickinson