kickin back

We spent last Sunday over at the next home over. Those guys know how to have a good time, I'll tell you.

First, in the evening we had an asado of sorts. Marquiqui cooked some kind of sausage, cheese tortilla thingy which was awesome and of course, there was beer to wash it down..

We sang a "Las Mananitas" (which is really a happy birthday song) to the fathers and then chilled and played a couple games of pool.
Some even broke out the latin dancing...

The next morning..

we went out to a little taco joint, and yea. had tacos. spicy things.
You know, I actually really don't like Mexican food. I don't like tacos, especially those corn ones. I guess it's an aquired taste though because recently I've found myself actually getting a kick out of eating them. Hmm..yikes, I wonder if that means I'm getting Mexicanized.

Then we stopped by a friend's place to pick up tanks, masks and paintball paraphanalia -- traipsed back home to have a roaring paintball fight up in the mountains behind the house.

Back down, Marquiqui and I went to an open field to shoot his bow. Haha, what a rush.
Our target was an water filled soda bottle we found on the side of the road. I hit it, although since I wasn't using a arm guard I now have a nasty bruise the length of my forearm.

But that's not all my friends, no. Juan, Ange and Marquiqui surprised me by taking me out to a seafood restaurant. Man, was that good. Stuffed shrimp, with bacon and cheese. Too good.

Lastly, we ate oreo ice-cream around the deck table and told bad spanish jokes.

Went home, had a beer and felt contented.


f|35h said...


BEURIBEK said...

Is that Martincito?


Liz said...

the very same...my favorite cousin.

back atcha, fl35h;)

zupa said...


SRud said...

Gaa! Lizz your such a bum! Just taking it easy...sigh.

SRud said...

Oh and don't get Mexicanized.:)

Liz said...

soy Mehicana! soy El Ratito! mi nombre este..dos gatitos borrachos. Impressive, no?