I've been pois'ned.

I inadvertantly drank some of this confounded Mexican water and I've come down with the shakes. Probably diptheria, dissentery, Dengue fever, Mexican Killer Virus or similiar.

I have no desire to lay around in bed groaning. So I trudge around the house, hollow-eyed, wrapped in my trusty black and white chequered blanket. One day, someone will notice...haha.

And this evening we're having a bible class in our house that I'm supposed to help out with the guitar playing..
At least, if I time each shake to a hand stroke, my strum should be pretty good.


Rusty said...

I tried so hard to get that when I lived there. I'm to lazy, didn't feel like working. Heh, that's probably why it didn't work. God was watching. I'll be praying that you'll get better soon. Love you.

crazynik said...

I feel for you...everytime I've gone there I've gotten the same thing. At least it's a great way to lose weight. Heh

Kristina said...

Oh... I'm sorry. We cooked and ate dinner for the kids in an orphanage in Tijuana once. We washed all the vegis with their water and about half of our team got sick. Not fun. Not fun at all.