I'm all googly-eyed

Quick update:
As of this post, I officially haven't slept in three days. I believe this is a record for me and now that I'm experiencing it -- not one I want to set again. The meetings are wrapping up, the 100 or so people are slowly dwindling to a smattering, music is playing from the live band in the background creating "mood" while people eat beans, sausage and tortillas off polyester plates under our giant gazebo.
I'm walking about "mingling" like a zombie; eyes firmly wide, I'm swinging my cheesy grin around randomly and I'm probably drooling a little by now. Again, I hope no one notices this.
I'll tell dirty details later. Right now I need to find a bathroom to sleep in.

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zupa said...

shiatza! I heard something the other day that you can go on longer without water than without sleep