Forever ago..

..there was a girl who loved a boy. He climbed mountains. He was very brave.

Whenever he'd go for many days all alone, she would worry till she was sick and swear to never let him go away again. But there was ever another time.

Always, though, he'd bring her a little stone from the very top of the mountain. She kept them in a little wooden box and would be reminded about how very brave her love was and that he would certainly return.

But one day she left and he didn't come back and everything cried.

So she started walking, and walking. She walked clear up to the top of a high cliff
and carved his name in the mountain.

I miss you, dummy.


Gabe said...

the boy wasnt brave.. only foolish and headstrong..
he always returned did'nt he? but now this girl climbs high cliffs and carves names on mountains..
dummy indeed.. although you're right, he was and is.. but that's me, your dummy..
i love you baby.

Liz said...

true. he always did.
i love you too.

Liz said...

i guess this is just a bigger mountain:)

Gabe said...

boy.. i love you.
you are a rare one you are..
and i love you for it..
you fox you.. heh.. ;)