all in a day's work

Because of the 1000degree weather here in Monterrey, it's not possible to sleep at night unless you're soaking yourself in a vat of ice. (I sleep with a bowl of ice water next to me, wet cloths, and spread them over me in fashion of ice blanket).
Already that makes me cranky and not happy to be sitting in a hot room in front of a festering machine trying to be insightful.

Also, I'm very busy helping humanity (haha, no like, really). We've been invaded by a slew (30) young aspiring missionaries from Dallas, hoping to follow in my footsteps (and I follow in God's, por supuesto)

So on this gorgeous, blistering Friday we did a free show for 400-some kids at a school nearby to give these greenhorns something to cut their teeth on.
Here's a photo summary of my day:

The long anticipated photos of the puppet theatre I arduously handpainted. Sitting pretty.

And in detail. 'Castillo del Amor' translates as: "Castle of Love". I thought it sounded a bit raunchy but Mexicans seem to dig it.
(note: I did NOT paint that hideous backdrop, some spanish hippie did it)

We took our russian friend, Gustaf. Total hipster..

..as we drove we felt ashamed for having ever complained about not having air con..

..some even cried.

We arrived and setup our gear. The place actually looked like a prison to me but I didn't say so.

I handled the sound system, the camera, passed out prizes, school and medical supplies and smiled a freakin' lot.

after The Show that Rocked Them, I was mobbed by happy fans, begging for autographs and photos with my person.

I must have written my name about 200 times. I started drawing smiley faces.

At long, hot last the day ended and we returned to our showers and dinner.
I'll admit, I felt good inside.

Just doing my part, brutha, just doing my part.

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florecita rokera said...

Those photos in no way portray how unbearably hot it has been.