there's no such thing as bad publicity

Because I have endless time on my hands, arms and legs -- on a whim I decided to compile a comprehensive (or maybe not so) list of all the blogs belonging to Arabs, could-be-Arabs or Arabian Horse Breeders.

In perusing them I see that they tend to refer to some "Allah" character alot, (passing strange) starve themselves for a whole month of the year (uncomfortably strange), and i've yet to see a picture of a womans' face in the lot...they've got this thing for covering their faces.
Creepy if you ask me.
Their past is also peppered with suspicious activities, apparently they've taken over whole countries for some "holy war" and mock our western forms of entertainment, citing us/them as infidels and perverse. Oh, and they kill goats!

But to rid them of these unfair sterotypes, please check out these sites and see that they actually function quite normally. Have no extra eyes, ears or genitals, seem to behave quite well in social settings and are generally helpful neighbors. (If you ignore the squeal of dying goats)

Ah shoot! What are the chances! I somehow lost my hard-earned list.

Well in other news, apparently I'm rather famous. This means that when refering to me, no longer use the name "Liz" or "Elisabeth" -- I much rather the title "El Liz" or better yet, "Notorious L.I.Z" (that's for when my rap career takes off -- best recognize. word.)

It all reminds me of this movie I saw once. This little boy goes running up to the hero/demi-god who's called on to fight another hero of impressive build.

The kid says in awe: "I'd be too scared to fight him. He's huge"..or something to that extent.

To which Our Hero replies sternly and with feeling,

"That is why no one will remember your name." (pause for effect)

I'm certainly not angry. I'm actually rather pleased and proud. Only, I feel slightly frustrated with the persistent obtusity of some people.
Like watching someone beat their head repeatedly against a wall. Not that I have strong feelings about where you hit your head but after a while, it gets annoying. So stop.
Maybe you understand what I'm talking about and if you do, and feel ashamed or have a headache, I'd like to offer you a clever option. Because I know it's always good to have a channel for your anger -- otherwise you're just a turd that no one wants to hang out with, here: Ta Da! I give you an alternative. Sic em!

Enjoy and Allah Bless:)

Disclaimer: All posts on this site are courtesy of Me and Me alone and are not official policy or opinion of the Family International or WS.
Although the good ones might be influenced by God;) Gracias.


Gabe said...

what are you talking about? islam.. rappers, heroes, head banging.. has someone dared to anger you..? i pity the fool/s.. i love u tho. for the record. dont attempt to slay me. ha.

Anonymous said...

Actualy, I didn't see you on that infamous list. ..but this clueless Gabe, is.

Liz said...

look again:) or whatever. list shmist

crazynik said...

Sorta off the subject...but I linked to you...let me know if you don't want me to :)
I like ur blog

Liz said...

thank you, crazynik. you're more than welcome too.

and I love you too Gabe:D

Gabe said...

good deal.. love me, and i get a slick title.. cluless Gabe. and i stille dont know what the hell youre talking about though glad people know me and mine. good stuff.

Liz said...

silly pookie.
p.s. I demand my tape.