The Sunburned in her Splendor

Some folks from the Other Home came by the Other Night unexpectedly to take me to see Star Wars. It was terribly loving of them (thanks guys, you're swell!)
It was as can be hoped from any Star Wars movie. Lots of swirling lights and bad dialogue, only all the puzzle pieces click into place. I liked it, I did. Especially the robot with lung cancer. The best line:
"So this is how liberty ends, to the sound of thunderous applause."


I'm not a good movie reviewer, I'll let Hobbyns do it when he sees it (muaha). Not much of a movie person meself...it takes sitting still for too long when there's just so much to see and do.

I spent the next day chilling at their house in and around their pool which was great but has left me looking like i'm a Red Indian wearing a very white bikini. Yea. Exactly like that.
Highlight: I DID see their Romanian Guest walking around the lawn in his thong (he was elderly). Gotta love Europeans.(grin)

To give credit and thanks: I'm listening and I'm a-liking, "To Own". My favorites so far are track 2 and 6 whatever they're called. If it's the same one that F|35h said, congratulations on your good taste:) Speaking of Jason, there's a captivating picture of him here.
Thanks bud, hehe.

And finally, I came across this -- a snippet from a longer article written by a friend of mine who's been sick a long time. I don't think, given the same unbelievably trying circumstances, I would ever have the strength and just absolute grace that she has. I very, very much admire her.

"Science with all its knowledge and experience hasn't come up with any pills for true inner peace that transcends any circumstances.

There is no magic potion for a soul lost in hopelessness,
no tonic for a spirit crushed under the weight of an unbearable burden.

I have been there, and I have found that peace. Though my outward condition remains unchanged, inwardly I have been healed-healed of an inner pain more difficult to bear than pain itself.
I am free!"


Charlock said...

It's interesting that you would comment on that line. I was reading a review about the movie in "Rolling stone" and they discused that very line. I see a movie reviewer carrer in your future after all! muh-ha-ha-ha-ha

Anonymous said...

the ending part was really beautiful! Amazing how ppl find the courage to go on despite hardship.

Hobbyns said...

I'll try and get right on that review, dahling! Let me watch it first tho.