Second Opinion. and...you heard it here first.

I'm gonna back up (the cool and beautiful) Florecita on those Stock videos. I'm still humming the tunes...makes me wanna go jam. Speaking of which, just yesterday me and my cousin finalized our plans for our hatchling band. We've been chewing around some names. "Grove" and "Crawlback" are our two finalists. Yea. They're deep with hidden meanings which I'll share at another time. (only, remember them, you'll be screaming them later *cheesy but endearing smile*)

As a result, the two of us were all gung-ho to start practicing. Out to the band room we betook ourselves.
Who cares that all we had was a guitarist and a bassist and not really much of either to speak of! We're young and idealistic! We're on top of the world and all that we put our minds to is as good as done!
Heh, okay actually we called on the Almighty Rocker to like, totally blow through us and give us one of those 11th hour annointings.
No sooner do we finish then, like a sign from God, a gust of wind bangs the door open and in walks a chick. She mumbles something about "wanting to watch for a minute" and sits down on the drum stool. We're half-way into our first song (which just seems to be flowing) when I notice there's a Sweet Drumbeat coming from the corner. I look over and there's a Hot Chick Drummer replacing the timid girl who entered a minute ago.

"Hold on a sec." I blurt. "You can drum??"

"No. Never have in my life. I've always wanted to though. I'll stop if you like."

I throw my head back and laugh in amazement. "Welcome to the band."

p.s. did I mention we've got a violin?

This should be Righteous.

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florecita rokera said...

Wow.. this should be righteous, and I'm filled with righteous envy. Good luck!