Who writes this stuff? Neato.

Black and white resolve
One foot in your heart and another
In fishnet stockings.

Purple cords wound around
Us, and pulled us together
And then I electrocuted us
Just once.

She astounded you,
I expressed your astonishment
And painted in acroamatic whispers
Everything dishonest
That you believed...
Some of it mine, and some of it

My hand gripping
Your hand gripping
Like grabbing onto
Each other's souls.
Telling each other, "Go,
And I'll rip your heart out."

Separated by clay
Permeating distance
Restrained by ourselves.

We were very much the same
Once upon a time
Until desire drove us apart
Method carried us
From front to back
And founded us in the epilogue.

We were too acute
To have been taken in by this.
We were too clever
To have not forseen this.

I had no reason to make you feel
Completely and totally
In need of me.
It wasn't uncertainty.
You never had enough (all) of me,
That's all.


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Liz said...

put a name to that and i'll give you credence. good poem.

Florence said...

What sort of perverse usurper is trying to take the credit for one of my sappy works?