geek heaven

I just got my computer tower sent down to me which makes me one very happy girl-star child.
It's been sitting up in Texas storage for months while I hiked around. Now that I'm a little more settled (nervous chuckle) I have it again. Boy, I can't wait to get to all my nerdy little files. Only, I did a very dumb thing when I was dissasembling it (I carried the hard drive, motherboard, etc around with me in my backpack) and that was: I didn't back up my hard drive anywhere.
Sooo, depending on how careful I was with my stuff, I may or may not Have all my Precious Nerdy Files. I'm also planning on redesigning my blog graphics. All these ambitious plans -- and I've got dial-up to contend with (can you say "FRUSTRATION" 3 times fast?).

UPDATE...I most likely will be moving yet again..I'll keep you posted.

I know you just come to this blog to make yourself feel good about how stable and in control you are.

I know I do.


anita said...

moving AGAIN indeed. why do i have to learn this the same time as the rest of the world?
but nevertheless...i wish you well in your travels.

BEURIBEK said...

Wish you well in your travels.

florecita rokera said...

Leaving us so quickly?

Liz said...

sheesh. i know. i just when I was getting all cozy. we shall see..we shall see.