A game worth playing is worth playing well.

Our property is lined with low stone fences which, while being a homey touch to the landscape and maybe a perfect way to show off your Olympic Hurdling skills is not very contributory in a 100mph game of Tag (aka Killer Shove Tag).

So get this, I'm spending quality PE time with the children I live with. Fun little buggers, the lot of them. Before long a high-stakes game of Tag is full swing and as aforely mentioned, if you're gonna play -- you might as well make it worth your while.

I'm hanging around behind a lamppost, hoping not to be noticed when I'm spotted by a snarly looking youngster in high-top tennis (or as they're better known here in Mexico, "Speedy Gonzales") I'm off like a shot with Snarling Kid close on my heels, I sprint..faster and faster I go. The wind whipping by me sounds like a faint whistle and my eyes begin to water. Still faster till I feel safe enough to look behind me.

Perfect timing.

A traitorous Low Stone Fence appears out of nowhere, cutting my leg out from under me and sending me sprawling to the other side. The outcome my friend is this: (not for the squeamish)

Okay okay, it looked much worse yesterday. And I'm a sucker for sympathy:)

The good news is, I'm back on my feet and whatever doesn't kill ya' makes ya' stronger.

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Anonymous said...

Your so hardcore