The silent watcher.

I'll admit, I'm fascinated with how people act and why they do it. One of my favorite things to do is just sit and watch people. I ponder who they are, what they might do, why the dress the way they do and what kind of underpants they're wearing.
(in my book, 85% percent of the population wears a rough homespun variety)
Interaction with other humans is wonderful, I admit I indulge in it from time to time. There's so much amusement to choose from I could go on for ever.

The point is. I stole this from Caffein and Me. I'm a Chestnut Tree(The Honesty). Chuckle, chuckle it seems to fit me. But I'd also class myself under "the Extraordinary", "the Profound" and "the Fishless".

So tell me what kind of seed you are?


Florence said...

Hazelnut. I must say, quite accurate indeed.

crazynik said...

Fig Tree (the Sensibility)
hmmm yeah pretty accurate

f|35h said...

A Cypress.
I feel so powerfull.
Tremble, oh mortal beneath my heaving beams.

And stuff.

Liz said...

heh. the discription reminded me something of a toy stuffie or the like;)

anita said...

quite a lot to live up to...

Anonymous said...

I'm a chestnut tree too,Liz.:)

Liz said...

..but you must tell me who you are if i'm going to feel a bond:)

Anonymous said...

Oh this is SRud..the Anonymous;)