The Ravaging of a Goat.


Attack Dogs -
Rotweiler 1: George
Rotweiler 2: Attila
Rotweiler 3: Beast

Witless Labrador Sidekick: Lance

Tender Morsel of a Goat (Victim): Blondie

A Myriad of Humans of Various Hights, Shapes and Color Schemes including --
Strong Boy and Cousin Martinito

And of course, Liz --

Setup: Midnight. A high wall surrounds a Spanish-style villa and courtyard. Various plants of style to suit. Scattered lights in house windows streaming out onto tile stones.

Act 1 - Girls room: Girls lounging, reading, chuckling, dressing, undressing, checking selves out in mirrors, listening to music, and sundry other girl pastimes.
Their calm is broken by horrfic sounds of ravage. Namely, the bloodthirsty snarls of Attack Dogs and the heartwrenchingly pitiful "maaa" of a baby goat.

Boy outside: George! Beast! BACK!!! BACK!!! TO ME!! OFF!! GEORGE!!!!!


Girl 1 Upstairs: What the..?
Girl 2: Oh, the dogs trying to get at Blondie again, good thing he's in his pen.

Liz, dashing downstairs, curiosity killing the..uh..goat: (thinks) hrm...i wonder?

Scene 2:
She steps out the back door and gazes upon the scene of carnage in front of her. Lying expiringly on her side, breathing shallow, eyes closed, and covered in the slobber of Rotwielers -- Blondie.
Strong boys are wrestling Attack Dogs over to their pillars and restraining them with reinforced steel chains.

Blondie: maa..aaa..

Strong boy, cupping goat head in hands and feeling it's neck: Hmm, it's neck could be broken. I don't see any blood. It could have internal hemmorhaging.

Frantic Girl: I KNEW this would happen! I KNEW it! Blondieeeee....(bursts into tears)
Young Boy: (bursts into tears simultaneously) They walk off, heads bowed.

Liz, concerned observer: Hmm. It could possibly be in shock. It's breathing is shallow with a rapid pulse.

Strong boy: It's neck is covered in spittle. Looks like that's what George went for. (prays)

GOD: It is not mete that this humble creature of mine should die by the teeth of George. I will raise it, even as unto Lazarus. Be whole, Blondie, live and be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.

Blondie: Baa! (lifts head feebly and kicks)

Chorus of Hurrahs!!

Liz: Swell! (feels guilty for thinking of roast goat)

But all is not well yet, for lurking just over head, darkness cloaking him in shadow stalks Ferobar, the dread Tarantula. Creeping slowly, slowly ever so stealthily towards the nearest joyful, downturned head.

Startled kid: AH!!!! A TARANTULA!!! RUN! EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF! (leaps 10 feet, is airborne and is never seen or heard from again)

Cousin Martinito: Ah ha! I've caught it. Come Liz, now we will eat it. I'm told it tastes like Shrimp.

Liz: Hurrah! I'll try anything once. To the grill!!!

Cousin Martinito: Oops. I seem to have killed it accidentally, it's gooey now. Let's wait till we have a fresh one.

Liz: I concur.

Narrator: A goat lived, a spider died,
A girl laughed, a boy cried.
A beast was loosed, a beast was tamed
A girl named Liz was never the same.

I kid. She was the same.



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anita said...

i can't believe this...you let the poor spider die and the goat survived?
that is the most depressing thing i've heard all week.

Anonymous said...

Rottweiler.......... emphasis on the 2 t's. Lovin you

Charlock said...

OMG! That was freaking awesome!!