I have officially moved to Mexico. I know this partly because I hear mind-blowingly loud Chico music wafting softly from the next door over, partly because I've been having spanish classes every morning, a little because I had cactus and beans for dinner but mostly because I took an achingly long trip to get down here and I sure as...anything..had better've ended up in Mexico.

Yeah, so my first transfer was packed full (*&^^*) so I had to wait around in Columbia *creepiest town in world* for a full 8 hours. I was hungry. I was frightened. I was lugging around 200 lbs of my worldly possessions (I harbored a few daydreams of making a bonfire of it and traveling with nothing to my name but my boots and my geetar)

But the Good Lord works in mysterious Ways, His wonders to behold. The next bus that came along was worth the wait, in my opinion. It was practically empty which meant I could take two whole seats for myself and lay myself upon them in a fetal position for a full 4 hours. Ahh, the unheard of luxury.
The only downside was every station I went to I had to ask "When's the next bus going vaguely south?" and then attempt in my luggage-dragging condition to catch said ride.

So there I went, Atlanta (at 2 in the morning. dark. deserted. heh, i probably looked like a rabbit about to bolt), Mobile, New Orleans, Houston, millions of little podunks in between, till finally I arrived in San Antonio at 1:30 am..after 40 sleepless hours(I was originally supposed to get there at 4pm the previous day)

I could've cried when I realized my ride is Not There. Long story but I waited...and waited...and waited. In the meantime, 3 fights broke out for which the police were called, 1 man refused to board a bus and yelled Very Loudly, 2 drunks and 1 homeless woman were kicked out, a young black boy proclaimed "I'm a virgin" to the entire waiting room, and I was lewdly propositioned by a smattering of bold fools. Luckily, I was too tired to respond to any of these delights.

Finally, at 4am I was rescued.

The next day I hooked a ride with some friendly folk who were heading to my new home and there you have it. Next I'll tell you all about "el culture" and Project "Love Castle".

Later dudes..or as I've learned in Spanish Lessons: Sayonara Hombres.


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sounds like quite an adventure
I love Mexico
Hope you have fun there