Free Day.

The first in a very long time. I'd almost forgotten what they tasted like. Today, it tasted like Asado and beer..a Very Satisfactory Taste all in all.

For those culturally-impaired, an asado is like the Latin equivalent of a barbeque. Only with much more style, much more meat and much more "gusto". You roast giant slaps of cowflesh over an open fire, drink beer, socialize and enjoy your neighbor as yourself.

I walked down to the local corner store, a dusty but fascinating walk, (there are the most magnificant mountains towering nearby, you have to strain your neck to see the tops, I'm in awe) and bought the beer for the occasion (corona is so cheap I could cry) which me and my cuz lugged home between the two of us in a crate (the man gypped us 5pesos after hearing our bad spanish, bah!)

When our feast was through I went and jammed for a coupla hours. Tooo cool. I've begun more to realize just how fascinating it is to tell a story with a guitar. I've been experimenting with strum, rythym and...the word escapes me..help me out here, you know when you build up to something, climax, slow it down, and play with different sound levels. For the record, guitar is so very sexy.

I've come up with some funky tunes so we messed around a bit with those, Cuzin Martinito is learning violin and that right there, my friend, is my dream. An electric acoustic guitar, a bass, drums and a violin.

I can't even get close to describing it but music makes the quiet corners in me scream, it uncovers the secrets I keep even from myself and tells me it understands perfectly. It bursts me into a thousand pieces and holds me together with each following note. If you know what I'm talking about, rock solid.

Lordie all this talk has gone and made me excited.
The guitar calls.
I must relieve myself.


BEURIBEK said...

Sounds like you're getting a good solid taste of Mexico, but if a taste of genuinely traditional experiences(ie:Tequila) hold any serious interest, there is no place like Guadalajara. (not a subte hint) Ahem. I love the way you seem to articulate thoughts and then express them in written form... I have a tendency of losing my way a couple of times when forming a sentence or trying to say something of relevance, (or insignificant)I think it's because there are simply too many options. Better stop before I end up saying a lot of things I didn't mean to.

Liz said...

Merci, monsieur. So far I am loving el Mehico. I find a little more rythym in my hips everyday:)
I've been hearing things about this Guadalajara...i'm an adventurer..we'll see, we'll see.