weekend rehab.

Ugh. After this past week, I'm feeling very drained...in manner of very thinly spread jam on piece of burnt toast --very dry, very coarse toast. hurrm..so I'm planning on going camping with one of my girlfriends on the beach for the weekend.
We've done this quite a few times...each time has been a complete and total lark.

See we're the type, (both scorpios), that thrive on adventure. Once, as youngsters --16 or thereabouts, we snuck out ( this was in my rebellious teenage angst years:D) and drove down to the beach (a solid 4 hour drive) with nothing but our battered old Mazda and the clothes on our back, told no one where we were going and spent the entire night walking the beach and talking about deep, thought provoking, idealistic, giddy things you could only imagine if you were a young girl. *wry smile plays across corners of mouth*

We ended up very tired by sunrise and parked behind a surf-shop, hung some shirts on the windows to block out the sun (severely ineffective) and tried to get some sleep...that of course, didn't happen so finally we drove merrily home.... only to get the one and only speeding ticket I've ever gotten in my life. Oh, did I mention when at the beach we got pulled over twice? (only for things like not having our lights on) eh heh heh.

Both times my friend was driving and she just so happens to have a very unique name that officers like and ALWAYS let her off the hook...just because of a dumb name. Nargh. And then I drive, and bam, "ticket for you, little missy". Blantant, blatant favoritism.

Now that I recall I've been pulled over quite a few times but I'll save those exciting stories for another time.
For now I'm going to go fetch myself a delectable really, really cold beer and plot our route to the beach.

She's driving.

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anita said...

maybe you should change your name...