tips from my guru.

I recently talked to one of my bestest friends on the phone. He, being the ever watchful, ever caring and honest confidante that makes him so invaluable and dear to me, offered me some helpful hints and tips to make my blog more meaningful and profound.
I listened, because he was right. I want you to get quality reading, for your time spent.
You know, dear Dear reader, life is not only about humor and mishaps.
It's not only about who you know and who you do,
It's not about clever witticisms and even better spelling.
It's not even about deep thoughts and questions about religion, politics, science, social studies and arithmetic.

It's about letting those that care about you, know you care about them.
Often...and loudly.

So this one goes out to you best-friend-from-the-phone-call-who-I-love-more-than-life. Thanks for picking me up when I trip, dusting off my knobby knees and kissing it better.
Man, am I one lucky girl-star-child.

(Hug the person next to you)

Included right here as an added treat is an article from a Brilliant Magazine titled "Activated" which never fails to inspire me.

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