Last night I was feeling quite fed up with the world. I was a little blunt.

But I do have good reasons.. (thanks Zero).
Over the next week or two, I'm going to be doing extensive traveling. I say extensive because I'm not quite sure what this will all entail. I have a destination (Mexico) but the how's and wherefores of getting there remain, as yet, unkown to me. I CAN tell you this though. I despise flying so I will most likely be taking ground transportation.(cough, bus, cough) Which, as those of you who've tried it will agree, takes 3 days at it's fastest to get anywhere in a hundred mile radius.

So my time will be cramped. And then I don't know what it will be like when I get there. I would like to continue blogging. But, again, I'm just putting one foot in front of the other. Little wanderer me. I'm a fearless adventurer. If I lived in the ol' yar hargh days i'd be known as 'Shiver Me Fleetfoot' (Shiver for short) or something...

yeah well till then I'll leave you with pics of my camping trip with a short run-down commentary.

Drive down -- uneventful. Got into our Island at dark and set up our tent in 15 minutes...in the dark. Yup. Fearless adventurers, these guys. Here's what it looked like in the morning. Impressive, huh?

Our dinner. Rule 1: Fritos are True Adventurer Food. Rule 2: Mayonaise can be used for basically anything, besides being a delicious sandwich ingredient.

Most Important Rule: Racoons are NOT, I repeat, NOT friendly cuddles. Racoons are cunning, vicious and without morals. Don't ever think ANY food left out, other than locked in the back of your car trunk is safe. No, not even...

..Tents. The destruction was swift and brutal. They tried to get into our beer but couldn't get it open. That's a mercy, I don't know what I would have done with swaggering, wildly dancing, leg humping racoons on my hands. Regardless, they ravaged our tent inside and out and we had to sleep in the car. (mutter, adventurer, true form...mutter)

p.s. did I mention I carried a nifty hatchet, which I used to hack at the dense underbrush? Hargh. Friend Scallywag finally got annoyed and confiscated it.

Here is Scallywag trying to cook a marshmallow on a candle. I warned her that it probably was poisonous but she's stubborn. She lived.

Squirrels are safe and lovable although painfully dorky and overrated. Not for adventurous types. Scallywag is looking rather squirrelish herself.

Why do I always look guilty? I need a tan.

Wee too.

Here we are at a drive in Movie Theatre. Now THAT is fun. Yup, these things really do exist. They're clever cause they play stuff no one would ever Actually watch, because they know what you really want to do is just make out. Thankfully, I have green lightning that shoots from my nose and fends off would-be suitors.

Gleefully displaying me hearty Corona that the Devious Racoons would've liked to get their grubby paws on.

Proof. We watched Robots. Brilliant animated thing.

What's the point of being washed up on an island without a fire? Sorry, there was no wood but our quick thinking reminded us that palm fronds burn just as well...if signifcantly shorter. Oh well, we had a marshmallow or two.

And lastly, we high-tail it home. Weather was gorgeous, beach was gorgeous, I am a happy Adventurer.

Oh yea, here's our Island:


Loxy said...

Drunken, leg humping racoons. Now that would have been an adventure.

anita said...

good luck globe trotter...may the road rise before you and may you reach your final destination with all your limbs and most immportantly your fine sense of humor still intact. man i'm deep.

Scallywag said...

I say you haven't lived until you've had your personal belongings ransacked by racoons and sat through four hours of movies at a drive in theater. A big Huzzah! to the adventurers! May your future hold many many more such wonderous events (maybe a couple more suprises tossed in...along the lines of handsome men with manly ways).

Charlock said...

You are a funny lady! I supose that would go without saying, for all who know you, but, reserving the right of a stranger, I state again, you is a funny, funny lady!
I like the picture of your island! nice.

Liz said...

that's high praise. thank ye kindly.

Florence said...

You look...well...romantic.
Thee, I do like.
Drive-in-theatres are like...you...and...are like the stars.
Too friggin far away.

Anonymous said...

H-h-hi!Im coming out from under my bed to post something... MY GOD!!I DIDNT KNOW RACOONS COULD BE SO DESTRUCTIVE!!..
Lizz will have to tell you more about her fearless adventures..Like that time when she went to that tribe with those savage Indians..Im she has lots of pictures.