A boy named Too Cool and other Mentionables.

I just saw a subtly brilliant little flash movie made by Zero over at the Hollow Blah. It gave me a good chuckle and I dig the style.

Then, continuing on my way I came upon mah boys from Spirit Tree's new song. It's a sweet tune.

Aaand that's about all the name dropping I'm going to do for one night. I'm out of breath.

As a result, I'll throw in someone else's breath,
and so I leave you..

"The more you know, the harder it is to take decisive action. Once you become informed, you start seeing complexities and shades of gray. You realize that nothing is as clear and simple as it first appears. Ultimately, knowledge is paralyzing.
Being a man of action, I can't afford to take that risk."

-Calvin (Bill Watterson)

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