and i'm off...hoooweeee...

See you Monday. It's freezing cold and predicted rain and possibly snow but I'm going anyways. I'm hardy. Fun fun fun. Pray we don't freeze:)

so amuse yourself while I'm gone. I got this off of LoxyFady. It's creepily accurate, at least it was for me......Here's Mine.

Find your soul type
at kelly.moranweb.com.

and this guys' blog is a riot: Geese Aplenty, I especially dug this post.


Florence said...

Aw, crud. I'm an artist too. What a joy to be like lizard.
Commemorate this first post on your sage blog. *CHING*

Liz said...

yay yay!! hope to see more of you flonail... (mumble mumble...my secret name..mutter)