alls well that ends well

Just a newsy tidbit: I called tripleA this morning and they had someone over in 15 minutes! God bless them. And wonder of wonders, this truck (a Nissan Frontier) carries an extra tire UNDER the vehicle. Crafty truck, heh, I'm going to have to keep my eye on it.
Anyways, got the new tire on -- which is lovely....now if only I can find where the local electric co. is located so I can pay the bill before they shut off our power.
Boy, running a house singlehandedly is fun. I'll have full updates for you just as soon as I dispose of the dead mouse the cat just brought in to impress me. Do you think he looks at me as a prospective mate? I mean, it's not like he lives around other cats. How would he know?
Man, what if humans did that? Bringing dead animals they killed over to impress their woman instead of a bunch of flowers, say. I suppose they do, of a sort, via dinner dates (ie. steak, chicken, and similar). Hmm...this bears pondering.. I'll get back to you on that as well. Just as soon as I kick the humping cat off my leg.

Correction: I realize that when I say, singlehandedly, I'm ommiting the excellent help of MD, Crass and Srud who basically take care of themselves. heh heh, so don't go on strike. peace

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