that reminds me of the time the guys in my home made wine from all these grapes we got in the provisioning. sadly though, they forgot to thoroughly wash out the bucket which had previously served as a laundry detergent container.
needless to say...it had that grainy soap taste that remains in your mouth for days afterwords and brings back painful memories of the time Auntie Hepsiba washed out your mouth with soap because you forgot to take her favorite pair of red underwear off the line when it was raining and as a result they were washed away and never heard of again.
yes it was a sad day for all...seeing as they were a valentines gift from her late husband, Uncle Frankinstine...who i believe got them at a increadible sale at Goodwill for which he had to stand in line for four hours in the snow and later contracted tripple pneumonia from which he never recovered.
all i can say is good riddance to bad rubbish (the underwear i mean...not Uncle Franky)
now how i got from red wine to red underwear i'll never know...oh well it's party time...GO PATRIOTS!!!! --Anita

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