Sugar Cane

One uneventful W&R night, a lone figure creeps into the kitchen.. she quietly opens the fridge, careful not to alert anyone to her presence, her eyes scan the contents of the fridge, boiled eggs from breakfast, a "do not disturb" sign on some slimy looking science project, a few spinach leaves sitting at the bottom of a drawer, she sighs, looking one last time, and then....her eyes spot it...yes boys and girls, the coveted treat of all cubans everywhere...SUGAR CANE!!! She gives a hasty glance around her, and snatches it faster than you can say "flying bob". and she's off to her room. she sits quietly on her bed, munching her stolen treasure, and then she hears it...footsteps...now everybody knows that hiding a long stick of sugar cane is not quite as easy as quickly pulling your hands out of your pants, Unlucky thief. Her eyes widen in horror, shoving the now half chewed sticky stalk under her blanket in hasty desperation, the figure walks in the room spotting the lone figure sitting quietly on her bed, her badly lying eyes pleading guilty. Her mouth full of stolen booty. Unlucky thief.

Everybody loves sugar cane.

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